Rainbow Owls is a children’s picture book series, suitable for 2 years +. The first book introduces the seven little rainbow owls. It tells the story of two Barn Owls, one of whose feathers are very dark for a Barn Owl.  They meet, fall in love and decide to make a nest together in an old oak tree in Wylde Woods. Their union is scorned and derided by the other woodland creatures of the night, because they are different colours.

Rainbow Owls on Branch
But they go ahead and make a home together and produce seven eggs, which hatch under the light of the full moon. As each owlet hatches, Mummy Owl and Daddy Owl are amazed to see their babies each represent a colour of the rainbow!

The little owlets sit out on a branch of the oak tree and all the night-time woodland creatures; foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, bats and owls come to see what these strange owlets look like. They think the babies are wonderful, and are sorry for their previous disapproval and unkind remarks.

The Rainbow Owls each have a very distinct personality, and characteristics which young children will recognise and identify with. The series continues with stories focusing on each of the different owls, combined with ecological or moral issues (e.g. humans dropping litter in the woods, being unkind to someone because they’re different, facing your fears, curbing your anger, etc).

The Rainbow Owls series of books has only just been written, and is seeking a publisher. The images above are purely for illustrative purposes on this website – a professional illustrator would be required for the series.

Rufus Red : eldest owlet, intelligent and sensible, but bossy and over-bearing at times.

Ophelia Orange : kind, considerate and caring, but a little over-cautious and fussy.

Yoyo Yellow : funny, crazy, zany, but sometimes silly and daft.

Greg Green : gentle, sensitive, empathetic, but can be over-emotional and too timid.

Billie Blue : brave, adventurous, fearless, but sometimes too rough and aggressive.

Indi Indigo : magical, dreamy, imaginative, but unrealistic and impractical.

Vince Violet : cute, lovable and sweet, but breaks his wing so needs lots of help.

About the author

Kit Berry and Owl BenchKit Berry is the author of the five book Stonewylde series, published by Orion Books, and popular with adults and teens. She is currently negotiating with a production company to adapt the books into an adult TV series. Stonewylde has a huge following of dedicated fans, and focuses on Kit’s love of nature. More details can be found on www.stonewylde.com.

Rainbow Owls is her first foray into picture-book writing, and Kit feels the series has great potential for television too. Kit was a school teacher for years, and understands how children learn important life lessons through story. She does many author visits to schools, giving talks and running workshops.

Kit has also written a middle-grade novel for 8 to 12 year olds, which explores issues around humans impact on the environment and how much damage has been done. This too is out for submission. Kit’s next project is an adult historical novel, set on the Isle of Portland during the English Civil War.

Kit is a pro-active author who speaks and teaches at both schools and adult events, and she actively promotes her work on social media. She is also entrepreneurial and understands the importance of creating a brand.

Kit’s own website can be found at www.kitberry.com


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